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MOSAIC organisation chart 2023/02/07.

Organisation levels


Institutional board

It is the decision making body of the Project. It monitors performance and progress of the Project. It is composed of one legal representative of each Party or funding bodies representative.
The Institute chairs the Institutional Board.

Project management board

It is the supervisory structure of the Consortium. It is entitled to discuss scientific, managerial and technical topics that do the not affect the contributions of the Parties. This board acts as the executive level of management. It includes the persons nominated by the Parties Agencies, the P.I. being a permanent invited member. The main role of the management board is to follow the milestones of the project in coordination with the PI, to review the Consortium Agreement for the Construction Phase that should be signed before entering Phase B, and to organise the scientific and financial support of the ELT/MOS. It will include countries in the core of the project (Partners : France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany) as well as other participating countries (Associate Partners : Austria, Brazil, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Univ. of Michigan and STScI in the USA) including those interested in financially supporting the project in exchange for Guaranteed Observing Time, or their participation in Public Surveys.

Science Management

Science activities are driven by a Project Scientist and a deputy Project Scientist. Project Scientists lead the Science Team and works especially on Science Trade-offs and preparation of Public Surveys. They will manage the overall simulations of the Project (MOSAIC and Surveys), and will be part of strategic choices on requirements and implementation options that could impact the science performance.

Technical Management

The instrumental team is lead by the Project Manager. He manages the activities of the instrumental team (System Engineer, System Architect, Work Package Managers and Work Package System Engineers) in order to come out, getting as inputs the Top Level Requirements as expected by Science, with instrument design(s) that will address the needs and will allow to meet the requirements.